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The Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology participates in education programs of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, as well as in education programs of Biomedical Sciences, of the Faculty of Sciences and of the University College.



The overall organisation and coordination of the education program of B&C is performed by Prof. dr. A.G.M. Tielens. Within the Department, Prof. dr. A.G.M. Tielens and Prof. dr. W. Stoorvogel are responsible for the education programs of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, respectively.

Quality Control

A high level of education has always been one of the major aims of our department. To this end, all staff members participate in the development and realization of education, with an average participation of 40% of their appointment. In addition, technicians, graduate students and postdocs contribute to education on a less frequent and temporary basis.

The educational program of B&C is evaluated by the Board of Education of the involved organisation. The evaluation reports are discussed with the people involved as well as with the people responsible for the education program (Prof. dr. A.G.M. Tielens or Prof. dr. W. Stoorvogel). In monthly staff meetings, the education is evaluated as well. Mutual exchange of ideas, especially with lecturers from applied and clinical department results in continued improvement of our education program as well as the implementation of novel didactical methods. Achievement of the educational BKO degree is stimulated by the Department.